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Yomesite National Park

Updated: Mar 1

By Michael West

8yrs Old

Writing about a trip we took in July of 2019 to celebrate his and Kim's birthday.

We started our day at Elorly Campground on the Eastern side of Yosemite National Park.

When I got to Yosemite I felt so good! I was excited to explore the campground and to go to lakes and waterfalls. When we got to the waterfall (the one in the picture) it was so strong. At the campground there was a lake and it was so cold! If you walked down a little bit there was another lake and it was also so cold!

This picture is from the stream under Yosemite Falls. It was so cool and it had a lot of rocks and was surrounded by trees. I stacked some rocks in the shallows and the water felt so good.

When we got into the park and started walking up the trail we noticed every one had sneakers on except us! We were the only ones who had no shoes.

When I looked into the forest there were some broken trees and there were branches that were burnt.

Here we are at El Captain, one of the biggest rocks in the world in Yosemite. When I was walking back from el cap this deer popped out of the woods and tried to attack my dog and it was sooo scary! But I personally loved it. It got my heart racing. But my dog was so brave. el captain is 7,569 feet tall.

There was a huge meadow it was so beautiful. There were so many trees and bushes and there was a little bit of snow on the mountains too.

There was pretty mountains and trees, it was so cool. And there were some roads in the distance and if you look closely there is a tiny shack. The elevation was super high at this spot.

This is the same place just with a lot of rocks and weeds. That is my step mom, Kim on a rock and if you look deep in to the valley there are some more roads and some yellow flowers.

This is a park. There were a lot of trees and rocks and a path. Where I went it was like jurassic park but with no dinosaurs. The sun was hot like a laser.

See that water fall in the back that is the same one as the first Picture and in the trees there are some holes. And in the right i think that rock is el captain.The trees were so pretty.The mountains were so white and shiny.

Thank you for reading my story. Hopefully you will read some more in the future.

Michael West

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